Hatsune Kaijitsu

Paladin of Iomedae


An extremely beautiful 16 year old human (Tian-Min) girl with long black hair and brown eyes.


Hatsune is the youngest daughter of Lonjiku & Atsuii. She was born in 4698 and remembers little of her first years growing up in Kaijitsu Manor but mostly recalls the warm impression her older sister Ameiko made on her. Her half-elf brother, Tsuto had been shipped off to Turandarok Academy but everything changed in 4701 when he struck Ameiko during an argument, which prompted her to leave town at age 12. Her father sent the 4-year-old Hatsune away to be raised by a group of nuns. A year later, word was sent to the temple that her mother had died in an accident. Although young and confused, Hatsune took solace from her grief in the church and she developed into a very religious young woman. At the age of 13, she had her first vision of the Goddess Iomedae and she found a longsword in a field of tall grass. Afterwards she cried because the goddess had been so beautiful. That event changed her life and from then on she fully dedicated herself to becoming a paladin. While still going to vespers and doing all her chores at the cathedral, she would spent every free moment practicing how to fight. After 3 years, Hatsune – now 16 – feels the power of Iomedae being channeled through her young body. One day, as she was meditating in the gardens of the monastery, she had placed an amulet containing her sister’s portrait inside it. As she watched and meditated, shadows gathered around the amulet – reaching towards her and somewhere deep in her bones she knew she was receiving a message from the goddess that some dark force – perhaps an ancient evil – was reaching for her sister and that Amieko was in terrible danger. She did not know how but the message was clear; she had to go to her sister, and time was running out!

Hatsune Kaijitsu

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