The Insane Oni Lord of Brinewall Castle


Intrigued by the strange birdlike men that he found dwelling in caverns under Brinewall castle, Kikonu left the Five Storms and moved into the depopulated castle to become a leader of sorts over the dire corbies. Over time, other violent creatures have come to Brinewall, and while they don’t always work well together, Kikonu has accepted them all as new members of his extended family. That Kikonu’s presence has somewhat ameliorated the dire corbies’ natural xenophobia is impressive, for while the dire corbies generally avoid interactions with the ettercap, harpy, troglodytes, ogrekin, and other creatures they share their home with, neither do they seek conf lict with them. The oni enjoys his role as ruler of this small “kingdom” of monsters, but also knows that until his it is large enough to defend itself from an invading army, his greatest defense is secrecy. His minions dwell within the castle walls, under orders to avoid the ruined village down the hill save for periodic foraging trips or stealthy patrols. Kikonu keeps an eye on all intruders, and does his best to maintain the myth that Brinewall is haunted or cursed using illusions and other tools at his disposal, but should anyone attempt to infiltrate his domain atop the hill—Brinewall Castle— he and his minions rise up in a righteous fury to defend their home.

Update: Kikonu was killed in Brinewall Castle when his lover Zaiobe betrayed him to the fellowship



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