A Female Iyrakien cleric of Desna


A tiny, butterfly winged azata, she came to the region nearly 10 years ago and has been lurking in the area ever since. This azata is a Lyrakien Cleric of Desna named Spivey, long stranded on the material plane after her mistress was slain by a “hungry plant” After several months of aimless wandering, Spivey came upon the ruins of the church of Desna and took it as a sign. She originally tried to rebuild the temple, but gave up when she started attracting the wrong kind of attention from the denizens of the castle. Instead she has taken to living in the cemetery where she does her best to keep the graveyard clean and free of undead and other desecration. The inhabitants of the castle aren’t really sure what Spivey is .. she has always been quick to stay hidden when they come looking for her and many have already tasted her magic..

Update: Spivey has decided that the quest of the Royal seal of minkai is a worthy one, and has agreed to help and accompany the PC Caravan.



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