Templeton Dansbury

Carraige Driver


Tall, Handsome, red hair and beard.


Templeton Dansbury was one of the Survivors of the storm that sank the Brinewall fleet. Koya raise him, like so many others. Among his childhood friend were Ameiko and Xikandar. He was a likable kid, albeit an avid prankster, and he played well with the other children, yet he was always emotionally distant. When the Mayor would bring him back by his ear to Koya after having pulled some stunt on a grouchy citizen, The older woman would simply reply “He’s his own boy. He doesn’t listen to me, punishing him won’t help.” Koya let him do what he did, because she knew that he’d reject the Sczarni for the same reason he didn’t seems to find close friends: he marched to his own tune; he chose no family.

At age 14, he hitchhiked out of town to Magnimar on a caravan, but found himself in the same situation in a different place, only magnified buy hundreds of more people. He finally settles as a caravan driver, allowing him to constantly be on the move while being paid, never gettign to close to anyone.

That was until he crashed his carriage in a ravine. Bothersome, that.

Templeton Dansbury

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